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ShriParas Corporation is a leading player in the field of Audio- Text Solutions and provides with full and extensive ranges of International & Premium Rate Numbers. We have full solutions when it comes to enhance your business using International Premium Rate Numbers. We understand our client business models, so providing them with a right solution at the right time with the most flexible and the best payment options in the Industry.

We bring a large portfolio of International & Domestic Premium Rate Numbers under a single roof with the best Payouts,so that our customers share unbeatable experience with us. We are committed in providing high quality support services to our clientele with minimum downtime providing 27x7 dedicated customer support for you.

We provide services related to Voting Lines, T.V. Shows, Horoscopes , Quizzes, voice , Game shows, Insurance, Travel , etc depending upon the customer requirements. Our clientele is diversified across the globe so, we try to cater the right solutions to the customers. International Premium rate numbers is ideal for the regions which do not have facility of the domestic premium rate numbers. So, in that case we help to find the right solutions in given span of time. We do provide an access to you wherein you can monitor your live calls and transfer your payments directly in your bank account.

Our team provides you with 24x7x365 days of prompt customer support giving you a zero wait time. Our team is always available for your any queries related to trouble shooting, access, or payments, giving you good support with timely payments.